Storage and Despatch of Component and Fully Assembled Parts

Many projects we manufacture are visibly critical or can come with varying parts. We go above and beyond to ensure projects are labelled effectively, if required, and delivered to the exacting standards our customers expect. Ensuring our Storage and Despatch is top tier.

Laser Cut and Fabricated, Component and Fully Assembled Parts - Labelled with Storage and Despatch

As the premier metal laser cutting, folding, fabrication and metal finisher we keep all processes under one roof. From concept design, through to manufacture, before storing and delivering anywhere in the U.K.

Labelling, packaging and loading can often be overlooked, although they are equally as important as other processes.

A common issue mentioned to us by prospective customers, is poor labelling of parts. This can cause all kinds of problems, particularly if there are lots of different parts being delivered at once.

Clients require completed projects to arrive without a blemish, because if they do, this runs the risk of the whole workpiece being scrapped and having to be manufactured again. This will then impact lead times, which again, for some of our customers are often tight and leave minimal room for error.

We have recently invested in a new site which is four times bigger than our previous building, where we have united all processes under one roof.

We have incorporated a large area at the back of the building of our Fox’s site, to be used for storage. By doing this, it cuts out having to move projects to a separate storage facility, before being moved again. This being more cost effective and limits the risk of damage.

Prior to dispatch, we conduct final checks to ensure the finished products are of high-quality, are manufactured correctly. If requested, we can label each part for you, before loading the delivery vehicles, securing the loads and shipping them anywhere in the U.K.

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