Wire gauges play a crucial role in various industries, from construction to electronics. They determine the thickness of wires, which, in turn, impacts their conductivity, durability, and applications. If you’ve ever been confused by the different wire gauge standards and their corresponding sizes, you’re not alone. In this blog, we’ll delve into the Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) and explore the sizes and standard sheet thicknesses associated with each gauge, helping you gain a better understanding of this essential aspect of wire selection.


The Standard Wire Gauge Table

Below is the Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) table, featuring the wire gauge numbers, their corresponding sizes in millimetres, and the standard sheet thicknesses they are commonly associated with:

SWG Size in mm Size offered Standard Sheet thicknesses
1 7.620mm 8.0mm 0.5mm
2 7.010mm 6 or 8mm 0.6mm
3 6.401mm 6.0mm 0.7mm
4 5.893mm 6.0mm 0.9mm
5 5.385mm 5.0mm 1.2mm
6 4.877mm 5.0mm 1.5mm
7 4.470mm 5.0mm 2.0mm
8 4.064mm 4.0mm 2.5mm
9 3.658mm 4.0mm 3.0mm
10 3.251mm 3.0mm 4.0mm
11 2.946mm 3.0mm 5.0mm
12 2.642mm 2.5mm 6.0mm
13 2.337mm 2.5mm 8.0mm
14 2.035mm 2.0mm 10.0mm
15 1.829mm 2.0mm 12.0mm
16 1.626mm 1.5mm 15.0mm
17 1.422mm 1.5mm 20.0mm
18 1.219mm 1.2mm 25.0mm
19 1.016mm 0.9mm
20 0.914mm 0.9mm
21 0.813mm 0.9mm
22 0.711mm 0.7mm
23 0.610mm 0.6mm
24 0.559mm 0.6mm
25 0.508mm 0.5mm
26 0.457mm 0.5mm
27 0.416mm
28 0.376mm
29 0.345mm
30 0.315mm
31 0.294mm
32 0.274mm
33 0.254mm
34 0.233mm
35 0.213mm
36 0.193mm
37 0.172mm
38 0.152mm
39 0.132mm
40 0.122mm


Understanding the Wire Gauge Table

  • SWG Number: This is the numerical representation of the wire gauge. It starts with 1 for the thickest wire and progresses to 40 for the thinnest wire.
  • Size in mm: This column specifies the wire diameter in millimetres corresponding to the given SWG number.
  • Size Offered: In some cases, wires are offered in sizes that slightly deviate from the standard SWG size. For instance, SWG 2 has a size of 7.010mm, but it is offered in either 6mm or 8mm sizes.
  • Standard Sheet Thicknesses: This column lists the standard sheet thicknesses commonly associated with each wire gauge. These values help in determining the appropriate wire gauge for specific applications where sheet thickness is important.


Wire gauges, as indicated by the Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) table, are essential for ensuring that the right wire is used for various applications. Whether you’re working on a DIY project, electrical wiring, or any other task involving wires, understanding the wire gauge and its corresponding size and sheet thickness is vital. This knowledge helps ensure safety, efficiency, and the successful completion of your projects. Now, armed with this comprehensive guide to wire gauges, you can confidently select the right wire for your needs and work with greater precision.


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