Metal Finishing

Our paint-shop facility enables final metal finishing to a variety of products. Wet Painting and Powder Coating is available for a wide range of finishes. Bespoke fabrications can be wet painted up to 12m in length and 16 tonnes in weight.

Metal Finishing We Provide

Powder Coating
Unlike wet painting, powder coating is applied via a free-flowing, dry powder. It is typically done electrostatically before being cured under heat.

A finishing process for de-burring, de-oxidising and removing sharp edges.

This method removes any rust, scale, old paint and small surface defects whilst also giving a good surface finish to aid paint adhesion.

We use a dedicated machine for surface finishing materials, often stainless steel, to the desired grain finish. This can also be used for de-burring of mild steel and removing sharp edges.

Hot dip galvanising is the process of dipping the product in a bath of molten zinc to add multiple layers of zinc coatings, for added corrosion resistance.

This method uses hydrolysis to plate one metal onto another, for added corrosion resistance or alternatively decorative purposes.

Wet Painting
Wet painting is the more traditional form of applying liquid paint to metal for finishing. Today, this is typically done with a pump, spray or pressurised vessel.

The process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. Typically aluminium and is done to give improved surface resistance to wear and corrosion; also, being used for decorative purposes.

Phosphate Washing (Phoswash)
Utilise top of the range wet blasting, degreasing and phosphating equipment to ensure a clean and fully degreased product ready for painting.

After Wash, Pre-Paint Treatment
Pre-paint treatment is applied after the washing process. This allows the paint to better bond to the metal, providing enhanced resistance to weathering and corrosion which ultimately provides a longer lasting finish.

‘Burrs’ are raised edges or unwanted pieces of material which can be found on parts following modification. Deburring is the process of removing these unwanted pieces of material.

Stoving Oven

Our Stoving Oven offers powder coating capacity of 5m x 2m x 2.4m. This is ideal for prototypes and small quantities of parts.

We can also manufacture custom made jigs for hanging irregular shaped parts.

Metal Painting Service

Pre-Paint Inspection

The first stage of our metal finishing process, is a comprehensive pre-paint inspection before removing any imperfections where required

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating offers a durable, high-quality finish which allows for maximised production capabilities. This comes in an almost limitless range of colours.

Typically, being a “one coat finish”, powder coating is one of the most economical finishes available on nearly any type of metal.

We offer powder coating as a service across our entire range of metals. 

Pre-Paint Preparation

Following the comprehensive pre-paint inspection, we offer a variety of methods to prepare the part for cleaning/degreasing. This ranges from matt textures to very high gloss finishes.

Benefits of Wet Painting

For products which cannot be heated, wet painting is the ideal solution as powder coating is cured under heat.

If products require a thin paint finish, then wet painting is recommended.

We can offer wet spray painting in single or two pack paints for larger jobs which cannot be powder coated or require special finishes.

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