Flat Bed Laser Cutting

By continually investing in the latest equipment, we are able to adapt our service to meet your exacting standards in a variety of different metals.

Fiber Laser Capabilities

At ADS Laser Cutting, we have continually invested in the very latest and most up-to-date technology to consistently improve our flat-bed cutting service.

Our most recent investment, a Trumpf 5030 10kw is one of the fastest and most innovative machines on the market.

By drastically increasing cutting speeds, we are able to provide highly competitive rates. 

The added features to our new laser ensures we not only increase cutting speed, but further improve on our already high product quality.

Quoting / Programming

We have a large office of highly experienced people available to help with producing drawings and assisting with design to keep the manufacturing process as cost effective as possible.

We can accept drawings in a vast number of 3D or 2D digital formats, hard copy technical drawings, hand drawn sketches or even reverse engineer from sample parts you have.

Processing the Job

To process the parts, our programme team create digital cut geometry which is uploaded onto the laser cutter. A protective film is typically used to protect the surface from scratches (on certain materials), which can then be peeled away upon completion of the job.

Preparing Your Project

We can accept drawings in the following formats:

  • ACIS files (*.sat; *.sab)
  • AutoCAD files (*.dwg; *.dxf)
  • Bezier Data (*.txt)
  • Code V Raytrace Data (*.ccp)
  • ECAD files (*.idf; *.idb; *.emn)
  • IGES files (*.igs; *.iges)
  • Inventor files (*.ipt; *.iam)
  • NX files (*.prt)
  • OBJ files (*.obj)
  • Parasolid files (*.x_t; *.xmt_txt; *.x_b; *.xmt_bin)
  • Pro/Engineer files (*.prt; *.xpr; *.asm; *.xas)
  • Radan file (*.drg)
  • Rhino files (*.3dm)
  • SketchUp files (*.skp)
  • SolidWorks files (*.sldprt; *.sldasm)
  • SpaceClaim files (*.scdoc)
  • STEP files (*.stp; *.step)
  • STL files (*.stl)
  • Trumpf files (*.geo)
  • VDA files (*.vda)

Technical Capability

By utilising two Trumpf 5030 fiber lasers – of which places us at the forefront of our industry as a first adopter of Active Speed Control technology – we can cut a wide variety of materials, having the capability to cut 40mm thick (dependent on material).


DetectLine is an optical measuring system which uses several test points to automatically locate the exact position of parts on the bed.

Through this technology we can machine pre-assembled or die-cut sheets with much better accuracy. For example, where typically processed within 1mm, DetectLine allows this to be done within +/-0.1mm.

Lead Times

Understanding the importance of meeting deadlines, our delivery system is designed to meet customer requirements.

Typical lead times are 3-5 days for laser cutting and folding.

We do however, offer an express service if you require something quicker than initially quoted.

If you have an enquiry, please get in touch.

Active Speed Control

Active Speed Technology works by the system looking straight through the nozzle directly at the cutting zone, monitoring it in real time controlling the feed rate of the laser.

The system significantly increases quality by monitoring a number of different process parameters. This enables the system to automatically monitor and change parameters to suit material conditions.

For example, material can vary in thickness; Active Speed Control will slow down the laser if it notices the material is thicker at certain points and speed up the laser if the material is thinner. It also detects if the material contains rust, for example and will again alter the speed of the laser.

This helps to avoid any reworks, producing less waste and improving project completion times.

LiftMaster Compact

The LiftMaster Compact is a more efficient method of loading and unloading the laser cutter, due to being so compact.

It has a suction frame and a rake to load and unload the machine; however unlike other machines, on the Compact these are two separate components which means these can take place simultaneously. This allows for faster order processing.

The Compact can also be pre-loaded with three tonne of material to work “lights-out” as it can load and unload material automatically.

Dot Matrix Code

Our lasers can etch on a Dot Matrix Code for easier identification of parts.


CoolLine is a function which allows cutting of fine detail in thicker materials.

Before innovations such as CoolLine, when cutting thicker materials, the rise in temperature would result in damaged end products or cause sheets to melt.

CoolLine sprays water mist coaxially around the laser beam onto the workpiece. This results in a nearly constant temperature, producing higher quality products.


If a sample is required, this is something we are happy to provide.

Please get in touch if so and one of our dedicated team members will advise on terms of service regarding samples.

If you have an enquiry then contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

We endeavour to get back to you within the same day of receiving the enquiry.


We are capable of handling a wide array of enquiries under one roof. From low-volume, highly bespoke projects to high-volume parts. 

No job is too big or too small.

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