What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is one of the more accurate methods of cutting both thin and thick sheet metal. It focuses a beam of infrared light to heat the metal to the point of melting, burning or vaporising typically to a diameter smaller than 0.5mm.

Lots of people do laser cutting in the UK. Why choose ADS?

We cut up to

in length

We cut up to

in width

We cut up to


Experience precision and efficiency in sheet metal laser cutting with our expert team, delivering top-notch results tailored to your needs.

We use the latest laser cutting technology for best precision and through continuous investment, including the recent purchase of two 10KW TRUMPF Fiber Lasers and an 87,000 square feet premises, further positioning ourselves as leaders within the sheet metal fabrication industry in the UK.

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There are many factors that influence how much your laser cutting project will cost: material used, time needed to program, intricacy of the design, quantities needed, etc. Fill out our contact form today with your project brief and drawings to get a quote.
We can laser cut sheets up to 6215mm x 2595mm.
We can laser cut the following materials to thicknesses up to: Mild Steel 30mm, Stainless Steel 40mm, Aluminium 30mm, Brass 12mm, Copper 16mm.
We use a variety of CAD and CNC programs to generate sets of flat components that our fiber machines can use as a guide during manufacture. The files used can vary from two dimensional DXF files to full three dimensional (3D) assemblies. The files generated by our nesting software are known as LTTs, which is a format of GCODE that our machines are able to interpret.
We have invested heavily in the latest machinery, currently operating two TRUMPF 10KW 5030 Fiber and one laser TruLaser 3060 10KW lasers with added functionality such as Detectline to cut with better accuracy and CoolLine which enables finer cutting of thicker materials.
We work to a general positioning tolerance of +/- 0.3mm. The thinner the material, the more accurate the tolerance.

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