What is Sheet Metal Folding?

Sheet metal folding is a precise sheet metal fabrication technique that bends flat metal sheets into desired shapes for various applications.

Lots of people do sheet metal folding in the UK, so why use us?

We fold up to

in length

Pressure up to



press brakes

One part of the full sheet metal solutions we offer is sheet metal folding (also known as bending, press braking, folding, edging, flanging and die folding).

Using press brakes, we will fold the workpiece to the desired angle for your project.

Types of Sheet Metal Folding

There are many methods which can be used in sheet metal folding. These methods include:

  • Air folding
  • Coining
  • U-folding
  • Bump Folding (Step folding)
  • Radius folding
  • Joggle Folds
  • Safety Return (Dutch Folding)

What materials can be bent?

The materials we typically bend include, but are not limited to:

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Spring Steels

To note, due to properties found within some metals, these make them more difficult to fold. For example, 6082 Aluminium often cracks or in some cases, snaps, but with metals like this, there are methods to achieve a bend or fold.

If you have a type of metal which is often difficult to bend or fold, we will work with you and suggest solutions around these potential issues.






Our Capabilities

Sheet metal folding requires a high degree of precision and expertise, skill, knowledge and the right tools.

At ADS Laser Cutting, we use the latest technology, in the form of TRUMPF and Durma press brakes. Our machines and tools can precision fold lengths of up to 6000mm, with a working pressure of 640 tonnes.

We have an Axis 1000mm electric press brake with 36-tonne working pressure, which is a full electric machine for high volume and/or intricate parts.








asked questions

Our six press brakes can fold sheet metal up to 6000mm in length.
It would depend on the length of the fold. Please fill out a contact form so we can assess your drawings and advise you.
Yes, we often bend cylindrical metal, studs, and other types of metal fabrications.
Our six press brakes can fold sheet metal up to 640 tonnes.
Yes, we can ship your folding project anywhere to you in the UK in 3-5 days. If you need your parts quicker, this is something we may be able to do as part of our express service. Please fill out a contact form today and we will help.

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