Bespoke Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our highly skilled and experienced welders and fabricators here at ADS Laser Cutting have years of collective experience and have tackled all kinds of projects requiring sheet metal fabrication.

Providing bespoke to volume solutions of component parts and finished products, ADS Laser Cutting are the premier sheet metal fabrication specialists in the U.K.

Sheet Metal Fabricators of Mild Steel, Stainless steel and Aluminium

Based in the East Midlands, we currently operate out of a 22,500 square foot premises. We have recently invested in a new building which is four times bigger than our current site, at 87,000 square feet. From here we will be able to continue to grow and position ourselves as the leading welders and fabricators in the U.K.

By continually investing in equipment such as the latest MIG-welding and TIG-welding technology, our fabrication workshop provides the ideal environment for welding and linishing, ensuring the parts are ready for the next stage of manufacturing.

Being the premier metal cutting, folding, fabrication and finisher – we cover all aspects of sheet metal fabrication, from an in-house design service, through to manufacture and delivery. Fabrication typically comes after the design, metal cutting and forming stages and is when formed parts made from mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass or copper (among other materials) are welded and undergo preparation to be powder coated, painted or plated.

Through years of experience coupled with the latest technology, our steel and aluminium fabricators will deliver the highest standards in welding and metal finishing. Being at the forefront of our industry, we will always work to ensure you receive fully finished component parts or finished products of the highest quality.

Welding sheet metal

Overview of the Full Fabrication Services Provided

Fabricated cabinets

Metal Fabrication of Metal Parts for a Wide Range of Applications

We have manufactured a wide range of products and component parts from sheet metal including HVAC units, enclosures, industrial lawn mowing systems, point of sale units and modular buildings, among many other things.

As industry leading sheet metal fabricators of steel and aluminium, we are able to keep all processes in-house from concept design through to project completion this not only means we have total control over the end quality, this also means we are able to be more cost-efficient and improve productivity, enabling quicker turn arounds for our customers.

For projects where an aesthetically pleasing finish is important, welded metal parts are dressed to ensure the weld does not stand out from the rest of the finished product. We can include many decorative finishes to get the part ready for plating or for powder coating which we also do in-house.

If you have any sheet metal fabrication requirements using stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, brass or copper then get in touch via or by calling 0116 2444 999.

Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium welding and fabrication is often seen as more difficult than other metals such as mild steel and stainless steel. This is due to an oxide layer around the metal which burns at a higher temperature than the inner section.

By using the very latest technologies and processes within TIG welding and Synergic MIG Welding as well as our team being highly proficient through many years of experience, means we are able to control Aluminium welding a lot easier than ever before and as with “easier” metals to weld and fabricate, produce extremely high-quality results.

Welded Aluminium

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