‘Tight Lead Times’ Challenges

Our customer was awarded an “out of the blue” project, which required a wide range of processes including consultancy, design, manufacture and installation into a London Mayfair five-star hotel – all to be done within tight lead times.


Solution ADS Provided

Appreciating the tight lead times, we ensured quotes were sent over in good time and then once approved, pushed the project through all of the stages of manufacturing quickly, while still producing parts of exceptionally high-quality.

Also, for the late changes which were required, our team were able to prioritise these so as not to hinder their already tight deadline, while making sure our other existing and also new enquiries were not negatively impacted.



How This Proved to Be the Best Solution

Managing Director, Mark Thomas, said “Happy to say our previous orders to ADS proved your company can react and perform, so we pushed a bit deeper into you – ordered more and you delivered! We have high expectations as we must satisfy our customer beyond his expectations”.


Benefits Arising from the Solution Provided

 “By displaying we are good at what we do and having a supplier such as ADS Laser Cutting on board who are capable of reacting to our tight lead times while still producing high-quality parts, results in a substantial amount of repeat business – this being fundamental to our success,” Mark Thomas said.

Metal fabricated cabinets with all processes done in-house


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