In the ever-changing construction world, where every piece matters, we get that you’re dealing with the challenge of balancing quality and sustainability. Waiting times for steel from abroad are making things trickier, now taking up to 12 weeks after the pandemic, up from 3 weeks before – that’s a 300% increase in waiting time. It’s no surprise you’re facing difficulties as you try to ensure reliable products and environmental responsibility on an uncertain path.


The Challenge: Urgent Quality Quandaries and Sustainability Struggles

As a construction equipment manufacturer, you’ve been dealing with a range of challenges—from disruptions in the supply chain to rising costs and the unpredictable nature of sheet metal quality. The consequences of these challenges are profound.

At the same time, there’s increasing pressure on your industry to adopt sustainable construction practices. Unfortunately, this demand often takes a back seat as some manufacturers opt for cheaper steel suppliers from Asia.

A prime example of the repercussions of compromised steel quality emerges in the case of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, California. In 2013, during a seismic test, 32 defective rods, corroded due to inferior foreign steel, necessitated replacement.

This issue assumes heightened significance given the bridge’s location, linking two major fault lines, one of which was responsible for the significant earthquake in 1989. A metallurgist confirmed that the foreign steel exhibited poor quality and susceptibility to embrittlement, leading to the cracking of the rods. During construction, 750 panels cracked during welding, prompting substitution.

Image: The Bay Bridge


For construction equipment manufacturers, challenges such as recalls and replacements similar to the Bay Bridge example are critical components of your industry’s ongoing struggles.

These not only affect your product efficiency and costs but can tarnish your brand’s reputation, leading to significant losses of vital contracts due to irreparable reputation loss. Understanding and overcoming these challenges is paramount for sustained success and reputation.

It’s not just structural and architectural fabrications themselves that encounter problems; the construction machinery used may also deal with issues stemming from substandard steel.

The manufacturing processes of heavy machinery — excavators, loaders, earthmoving equipment, road construction equipment — suffer from the same hurdles in seeking out responsible and high-quality sheet metal. We understand the dilemmas you face in cost-saving, often compromising on quality and sustainability.


The Quest for Solutions: A Look into Sheet Metal Quality

Ensuring the quality of your sheet metal components is key to constructing machinery that is reliable and efficient, contributing significantly to the establishment of your brand name.

You’re confronted with the dilemma of sourcing suppliers who consistently deliver high-quality materials while maintaining cost-effectiveness. In response to this challenge, it is imperative for you to identify suppliers committed to stringent quality control processes and reliability in the face of market fluctuations, all while being mindful of the environmental impact of the steel industry.

In 2020, Spreadwise faced a significant challenge as the heightened demand for their agricultural machinery stretched their current metal fabricator to its limits. Extended lead times and substandard work quality became pressing issues, impacting Spreadwise’s operational efficiency and raising environmental concerns. The strain on their business hindered its ability to realise its full potential, impacting both the quality of their agricultural machinery and the prolonged lead times. In an industry where considerations of quality, lead times, environmental factors, and trust in the supply chain are paramount, any compromise can have far-reaching consequences.

Enter ADS, the solution that turned this challenging scenario around for Spreadwise. By collaborating with ADS, they found a partner dedicated to addressing their specific needs, ensuring quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility were at the forefront of their metal fabrication processes. Our collaboration not only resolved Spreadwise’s immediate challenges but also positioned them as leaders in the production of sustainable and high-quality construction machinery.

“We were about to invest in new equipment to handle the complex metalwork ourselves,” said Matthew Faulkner, Director of Spreadwise. “But then we found ADS. Their expertise and efficiency blew us away. We haven’t even touched our new machines since we started working with them.”

Image: Spreadwise machinery


The ADS Advantage: Building a Greener, More Reliable Future

At ADS, we understand the challenges you, as machinery manufacturers, are facing. Beyond supplying your metal components, we offer solutions tailored to your needs, helping you face these challenges and enhance your reputation.

As a prominent metal supplier in the UK, ADS is dedicated to assisting construction equipment companies like yours in establishing robust foundations for success.

Our capabilities encompass a wide range of construction equipment needs, including laser cutting, folding, fabrication, finishing, and assembly.

Ready to elevate your construction equipment manufacturing process? Contact ADS today, and let’s build a future of quality and sustainability together.