Many businesses have not made investment decisions because of uncertainty and lack of confidence brought about by Brexit. We have invested in a new metal laser cutting machine from manufacturer Trumpf at a cost of £1 million. The investment will help us continue our growth and in doing so provide new jobs locally.

New Laser Capabilities

The new laser cutting machine is cutting-edge technology. It boasts the capability to swiftly cut thicker metal while upholding exceptional quality standards. Its impressive capabilities encompass: up to 30mm for mild steel, 40mm for stainless steel, 30mm for aluminium, 12mm for brass, and 16mm for stainless steel

As the premier metal laser cutting, metal folding, fabrication, metal finishing and assembly in the UK, we are able to keep ahead in our markets enabling us to extend the capabilities of our machines. We have had a longstanding partnership with TRUMPF for several years, and we have consistently experienced excellent quality in their lasers and exceptional support.

Over the years, laser cutting metal has witnessed significant growth as an industry. Our approach encompasses a wide spectrum, from crafting bespoke one-off projects, such as individual control consoles for some of the world’s major companies, to handling volume projects like manufacturing components for modular building balconies. This diverse capability enables us to deliver comprehensive solutions to a wide range of customers.

Trumpf laser

Growth of the Business Through Investment

Brothers Duncan and Stephen Keates, who founded ADS Laser in 2005, remarked, ‘We have expanded our business by actively engaging with customers, providing top-notch products and solutions, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. But, most importantly, it’s about having a fantastic team.’

‘From a small group of us back in 2005, we now boast a workforce of over 60 employees, and with the addition of this new laser cutter, we anticipate exceeding 70 employees this year.’

‘We’ve always been a company that embraces progress, and regardless of the outcome of Brexit negotiations, we recognize the importance of staying competitive through the adoption of cutting-edge technology and continued investment.'”

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