Meet the Team


Duncan Cropped

Duncan Keates - Managing Director

At 17 years old, Duncan began a 4 year apprenticeship, before studying coded welding at night school for a further 2 years. Following his apprenticeship became Works Foreman for the company he was an apprentice with and then Works Manager 3 years later. In 1998 Duncan went self-employed, working for various companies on the shop-floor and as management. In 2002 one of these companies closed down, prompting Duncan to open his first business, Altec Sheet Metal, manufacturing bespoke, high-end, work for the Rail and Electrical Industry. Duncan was ordering a lot of laser cutting so co-founded ADS Laser Cutting in 2005 to keep all processes in-house.

Steve Cropped

Stephen Keates - Managing Director

Stephen graduated from University in 1996 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His first jobs following graduating were split between time on an oil rig and working part time at a laser cutting company. Once his time was finished on the oil rig, Steve worked as a design engineer for the rail industry for 1 year, before getting offered full time employment with the laser cutting company he previously worked part time for. Steve was promoted to Production Manager after 1 year and remained in this role for a further 4 years before co-founding ADS Laser Cutting.


Andy Cropped

Andy Smith - Operations Manager

Andy has spent 39 years in industry, beginning with 14 years manufacturing specialised bespoke, handmade, stainless steel machine parts, before running a fabrication department for a large P.O.S company where he followed client briefs to assist with design and development of prototype and standard parts. Andy has been at ADS Laser for 13 years, during this time has developed an excellent understanding of all processes, now handling specialist projects.

Stu Cropped

Stuart Rowan - Production Manager

Stuart has been involved with precision sheet metal cutting/folding and programming for 16 years. After his first 3 years, became a Shift supervisor for a team of employees running lasers and water jet CNC machines. He was offered a role at ADS Laser 7 years ago as Laser and Folding Manager which he held for 4 years before being made Production Manager. Stuart has extensive knowledge of all operations across laser cutting, folding, fabrication, finishing and assembly.

Dave Cropped

Dave Burditt - Quality Manager & Estimating

Dave has several responsibilities within ADS Laser including Health and Safety, where he ensures strict procedures are in place and followed to limit the risk of accidents etc., Quality Manager to ensure product quality meets company internal and external standards and Estimating. Dave has been in the sheet metal fabrication industry for 31 years. During this time he has been Production Manager for several companies before joining ADS Laser 4 yeas ago.


Derek Cropped

Derek Payne - National Sales Manager

Derek joined ADS in 2014 having worked in the laser industry since 1999, when a 1.8kw co2 laser was new technology. Derek assists current and prospective customers to ensure they understand the potential of laser cutting whilst also promoting additional services we offer such as folding, fabrication, powder coating and paint, and full on-site assembly.

Line Management

Pawel Cropped

Pawel Kotula - Dispatch Manager

ADS Laser was Pawel’s first role in the sheet metal fabrication industry when he began his first role here over 3 years ago. He now manages dispatch, ensuring deliveries are correct and received by the client on-time. 

Damian (6)

Damian Rozdzynski - Laser & Folding Manager

Damian started working in the sheet metal industry in 2002, beginning as a warehouse operative before moving on to become a press brake operator – after some time he became a fully skilled setter/programmer. Arriving in England in 2007, Damian then worked as a press brake programmer for 2 years before being promoted to folding supervisor, this being what he has been doing for the last 10 years before joining ADS.


Bryn Cropped

Bryn Pratt - Programmer & Draughtsman

Bryn has been with ADS Laser for 2.5 years. He entered the manufacturing industry over 7 years ago gaining experience across a number of processes, which he utilises in his current role. 

Zeke Cropped

Zeke Keates - Programmer & Draughtsman

Zeke first entered the industry in 2013, at this time beginning a one year fabrication and welding apprenticeship at ADS. During this time he worked in both the fabrication and paint shop gaining knowledge in both of these processes which he now implements into his current role he has been in since 2015.

Paschal Cropped

Chinonso Paschal Chigborogu - Programmer & Draughtsman

Paschal has been in the industry for 7 years, covering various roles across Laser Cutting and Press Brake Operating. He started with ADS as a Press Brake Operator before coming back as a programmer in February 2020. 

Isaac Cropped

Isaac Devine - Programmer & Draughtsman

Isaac has been with ADS since he left college in 2015 where he completed a HNC in mechanical engineering. He utilises his programming experience and the knowledge he has gained over the last few years to further his programming ability, with these skills assisting him outside of work with hobbies at home.


Michael.M Cropped

Michael Marigliani - Estimator/Quotes

Michael has been in the industry since he was 17 years old and worked his way up from the shop floor. On top of estimating/quotes, Michael has extensive experience with programming and where required takes on projects to assist the programming team.

Goods-In, Packing & Dispatch

Michael Dispatch Cropped

Michael Maciag - Dispatch Labourer

Before ADS, Michael spent many years at a machining company. He has now been with ADS for 3 years, processing the admin side to dispatch such as goods-in and goods-out. 


Gina Cropped

Gina Starbuck - Administrator

Gina has been part of the steel industry for 11 years and has only ever worked for ADS during that time. She is responsible for processing jobs for programmers/purchasing and is typically first point of call for customers/suppliers.