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Safety is vital when considering the design and manufacture of machine guarding enclosures and covers. Its purpose is to maintain hygiene and employee safety. Generally, within manufacturing, they are required to comply with health and safety regulations.

This involves protecting employees from hazards created during the machine’s normal operation. Which includes rotating parts, in-running nip parts where a material enters a narrowing opening, also where the material is strong enough to pull body parts into the pinch point, like fingers, hands, arms etc.

There are three areas of a machine which are most likely to cause injuries including:

  • The point where the material is being cut, shaped, formed or bored etc.
  • Power transmission apparatus: the component which transmits energy to the part of the machine in operation like a pulley, belt, spindle, or chain etc.
  • Any other moving parts while the machine is working.


Guards need to meet the following requirements:

  • Prevent hands, arms or any other body part operating the machine from coming into contact with dangerous moving parts.
  • Machine guarding should not be able to be easily removed or tampered with. The material used should be durable to withstand the conditions they come under while the machine is being used.
  • The guard should prevent falling objects from entering the moving parts
  • The surface of the guard should be of a high-quality finish, so it does not cause an injury to the operator, from a jagged edge or shear point.
  • Should not interfere with the task of the operator



Safety Design

Given the wide array of machinery used within manufacturing, our customers have varied yet specific requirements when considering the design of their machine safety guards, enclosures, covers and cladding.

Taking the previously mentioned safety considerations into account, the machine guarding projects we work on are typically highly bespoke to each customer.

Since our inception, we have worked on a number of projects in the machine guarding sector. Through continuous investment in our team, the latest technologies and in our recent acquisition of the Fox’s site.

By keeping all processes in-house we have control over the quality of the finish and lead times, often being required to meet short lead times or specific times and days when the machine guarding or covers etc. are being installed to prevent any unnecessary downtime.

Our team can work with you from concept design to assist with putting forward the most cost-effective and suitable solution, before laser cuttingfoldingfabricating, finishing and assembling your project, all in-house.

The types of machine guarding covers and enclosures we have worked on include:

  • Drilling machine guards
  • Guillotine safety guards
  • Guard rails
  • Fixed guards
  • Gates

Sheet metal bending


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