Using innovative metal solutions to improve plant performance

On busy construction sites, efficient, reliable and durable plant and machinery is essential.  Good construction machinery efficiency ensures higher productivity and improved safety.

For the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) developing this plant or machinery, working with trusted parts suppliers helps to ensure all end-products deliver these high standards.

Sourcing durable metal components can be key to delivering machinery that is safe, reliable and efficient. From simple access steps or standardised safety caging to specialist digging arms and bespoke brackets or buckets, paying close attention to the design and development of these components will support on-site safety and productivity.

Working with a third-party provider or supplier for this offers a range of benefits:


• Supporting flexibility and growth

By working with third-party suppliers or providers, OEMs can work flexibly to meet fluctuating market demand or respond quickly to upticks in demand from clients.

• Accessing specialist machinery

By outsourcing elements of the design and manufacturing process, OEMs benefit from additional equipment or machinery, and extra resource and capacity which would typically be expensive to invest in internally.

• Using traceable, quality materials

By sourcing only traceable and batch-coded materials, OEMs can be assured of the quality and durability of the components they are supplied.

• Testing and certifying product finishes

By outsourcing to external experts, OEMs can ensure comprehensive testing and certification of components and finishes has been completed to the highest industry-wide standards.

• Delivering project-wide support and expertise

By working with trusted suppliers to source parts, construction machinery OEMs gain access to another team of experienced experts able to support at all stages of a project, beyond just component production.


Innovative metal solutions from ADS

At ADS, we offer comprehensive support for construction machinery manufacturers. We focus on an end goal of delivering plant and machinery that maximises productivity and limits any downtime.

Our innovative metal solutions have supported construction machinery OEMs in developing equipment for high-stress environments, including quarry machinery, mining equipment, on-site lifting machinery, and excavation machinery.

We source only high-grade materials, exclusively working with reputable UK-based suppliers to ensure our clients receive goods made from fully traceable, batch-coded components. And all our finishes undergo rigorous testing, such as salt spray tests on zinc and powder coating, to ensure superior performance and durability.

We offer more than just manufacturing services too, including:

• Design collaboration – Working with OEM’s designers and engineers to value engineer components, optimise performance and improve overall manufacturability of products.

• Prototyping & Testing – Completing comprehensive prototyping and testing of products ahead of full-scale production.

• Production Optimisation – Working with OEM’s planners to minimise waste, prevent disruptions and streamline costs for the production process.

• Supply Chain Management – Working with supply chain partners to ensure consistent stock levels and accurate pricing ahead of long-term production.

• Collaborative Quoting – Supporting OEM’s estimation and commercial teams to provide accurate, fair quotes and prices, ensuring manufacturers can make informed decisions around design, planning and production of components.

Working to the highest standards, including holding ISO 9001 and working towards ISOs 14001 and 45001, our team are qualified to deliver:

  • MIG
  • TIG
  • Coded welding
  • Mild Steel Fillet Weld Plate-to-Plate test
  • Stainless Steel Fillet Weld Plate-to-Box test



How can I ensure durable metal components?

Manufacturers can ensure durable metal components by sourcing only high-grade materials from reputable suppliers. At ADS, we do this while also adhering to stringent quality standards and undertaking rigorous testing during production.

How can I optimise costs as a construction machinery OEM?

Manufacturers can optimise costs in a range of ways, including outsourcing complex components or production elements to specialists. At ADS we work closely with our clients’ demand planners, using forecast data to give accurate pricing and streamline production costings.

What industries typically require innovative metal solutions?

A range of industries and sectors benefit from external metal solutions, including construction, waste management, manufacturing, automotive and utilities. At ADS, our solutions are particularly well suited to serve all of these along with heavy industries, including quarrying and mining.

Can ADS provide custom solutions for specific construction machinery OEM requirements?

Yes, ADS’s expert designers collaborate with OEMs to value engineer components, ensuring products fulfil all project requirements around efficiency, durability, timings, costs and volumes.