As well as bespoke one-offs, we laser cut and fabricate a range of repeat products for our customers. We also fulfilling repeat orders on a continual basis.

The Premier Metal Laser Cutting, Folding, Fabrication, Finishing and Assembly, we have manufactured a lot of one-off bespoke products; we are also busy completing repeat orders from customers who manufacture a standard range of products all year round.

Some examples of repeat work we produce are below:

  • Security doors
  • Dehumidifier cabinets
  • Lawnmower components
  • Handrails
  • Window frames
  • Lift cladding

Rather than re-programming the drawing each time you need them, we can use the originals which can be saved onto our system for future use.

Whenever a part we have worked on previously is to be recreated, simply mention the part(s) and unique reference number(s) and we will be able to get these sent straight to the shop floor to be fabricated to your specifications.

Doing this improves lead times as we can provide a quicker turnaround time and makes fulfilling repeat orders easier and much more convenient for you.

Design assistance is a service we offer at ADS


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