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Fabrication Materials List

List of Materials Used in Fabrication

Many materials can be used in fabrication. Primarily though, a range of metals are used for projects across a number of sectors.

Some of the materials which are used in metal fabrication are:

• Mild Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Brass
• Copper
• Iron
• Titanium
• Galvanised Sheet
• Zintec
• Aluminium

More exotic metals can be fabricated upon request.

Some of the more common grades and finishes we provide are listed below, although we are capable of providing many more solutions than those mentioned.

Mild Steel

ThicknessGrade and Finish
0.5mm – 3.0mmCR4 (Cold Reduced)
3.0mm – 30mmHR4 (Hot Rolled)
3.0mm – 30mmHRPO (Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled)
3.0mm – 30mmS275 = 43A, S275JR = 43B, S275J0 = 43C & S275J2 = 43D
3.0mm – 30mmS355 = 50A, S355JR = 50B, S355J0 = 50C & S355J2 = 50D

J2 is impact tested to 27 joules at -20OC

J0 is impact tested to 27 joules at 0OC

JR is impact tested to 27 joules at room temperature

N is normalised but this is not suitable for laser cutting but is OK for Plasma and Flame cut.

Stainless Steel

ADS predominantly use grades 304 and 316 (if grade not specified always use 304 as this is much cheaper than 316).  We do use other grades occasionally such as 321, 420, 430.

ThicknessGrade and Finish
0.5mm – 2.0mmBA  =  Bright Annealed  (polished look both sides) (2500 x 1250 biggest)
0.5mm – 6.0mm2B  =  Descaled  =  Cold Rolled
4.0mm – 40mmHR  =  Hot Rolled
All thicknesses

DP1  =  Dull Polished on 1 Side  =  Brushed  =  Satin Finish

DP2  =  Dull Polished on both Sides  =  Brushed =  Satin Finish

All thicknesses

BP1  =  Bright (Mirror) Polished on 1 Side  =  Polished

BP2  =  Bright (Mirror)  Polished on both Sides  =  Polished


Grades that we use at ADS include 1050, 5251, 5083, 6082 and J57S which is the same as 5251 but is an anodise grade for repeatability on the colour finish.

Grade 6082 will crack or even snap if folded on a standard V (5083 will also crack on a small V).

Shim and Tool Steels

0.01mm – 2.5mm Shim steel  (Supplied in coil and is much harder) in mild and Stainless steel.

01 is similar to 02 is similar to L3,  D2,  HSS  =  M2,  440B  tool grade stainless steel.

Spring Steels

Spring steel (CS70 or CS80 commonly) comes hardened and tempered or annealed (for folding).

The materials mentioned we can and do work with across all processes involved with metal fabrication including cutting, forming, welding (we have a number of coded welders on our team who are assessed regularly), finishing and assembly.

ADS Laser is the premier metal laser cutting, folding, fabrication and metal finisher.

Providing bespoke to volume solutions.

For any enquiries, visit our Contact Us page and get in touch.

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