ADS Provides Express Delivery

Our team has adapted well to the current situation, of which we are very proud as a company. We are doing our bit to assist in the current crisis by prioritising enquiries from medical companies. Offering our express service free of charge for projects related to Covid-19.

We understand how important it is for both our customers and the country to get these parts as quickly as possible.

Over the years we have worked in a number of sectors including Manufacturing, Construction, Transport, Machinery and the Electrical Industry. Because of recent events, we continue to see an influx of enquiries coming in from the medical, pharmaceutical and associated sectors.


Our Projects

We have worked on a number of projects in this sector, having helped in the design and manufacture of mixers. Originally used for separating oil and water however later used to assist in the Ebola outbreak for one of our clients. Now we are working with the same client on a similar project to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other recent projects include manufacturing parts that will go into Mass Spectrometers, trolleys, cabinets, and medical machinery.

One of our longstanding customers has asked us to laser cut specific parts. Which will be used in ventilators following the recent call to arms by the government.

“ADS were very quick to react to our enquiry. We sent over drawings which we were told would be prioritised due to the nature of the parts” said Richard, who is involved with the manufacture of machine parts for ventilators. “We are very impressed, and it is indicative of British manufacturers coming together as part of a much bigger cause”.

Stocking a range of metals, including mild steels, stainless steels and aluminium among others. We offer a full-service in-house from laser cutting to folding, fabricating, metal finishing and assembling.

If you have any enquiries, then please get in touch via our Contact Us form or call us on 0116 2444 999.


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