I wanted to send everyone a personal message. Here at ADS Laser Cutting Limited during coronavirus times, our prime focus has been to ensure the safety of our staff and customers whilst continuing to metal laser cut, fold, fabricate and finish a range of components for our customers. We have followed closely the government’s advice and as a family business, my brother and I are keen to do our bit to support others during coronavirus.

In order to do this, we have changed the way we work, mainly by allowing staff who can work from home to do so, conducting more meetings over conference calling and those staff who have to be at work spacing desks out and ensuring in our production areas we keep social distancing.

Above all, we remain positive and everyone at ADS is here to support our customers and respond to new enquiries. We will maintain our quality and service and if you need help, please contact us.


Duncan Keates,

Co-Founder and Owner


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