Commenting on the Labour landslide, Duncan Keates of Leicester-based ADS Laser Cutting, said:

“As the owner of a manufacturing business, some of the biggest challenges we face are linked to finding suitably trained people to join the team – an issue that has been especially hard post-Brexit, and also following the Covid pandemic. Balancing increased business costs, including capital investments which are essential to remain competitive, with the cost of recruiting and retaining skilled staff is a key priority for us.

“The new Labour government must, therefore, use its conclusive win to quickly demonstrate its commitment to investing in training and apprenticeships, and overall jobs creation.

“Its pledge to rebuild the UK’s steel industry is something of particular importance to us, but the devil will be in the detail, and we look forward to seeing Labour’s vow to invest £2.5bn in the sector come to fruition. Not only will this drive stability in steel prices, it will also develop our resilience in the face of geopolitical events that have added to the recent challenges faced by the sector here in the UK.

“The instability of recent years must now be replaced with a long-term industrial strategy so that British businesses have the confidence to make investment decisions that will increase productivity, result in economic growth and enable workers to enjoy more money in their pockets.”



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