Laser Cut Hole Diameter per Material Type & Thickness

The below table puts forward the recommended minimum hole size per material type and sheet thickness. The hole sizes given are for a round hole and relate to the material type and material thickness. With smaller holes we would modify the lasers parameters to bring the power down which would slow down the laser to […]

Standard Wire Gauge Table

SWG Size in mm Size offered   Standard Sheet thicknesses 1 7.620mm 8.0mm   0.5mm 2 7.010mm 6 or 8mm   0.6mm 3 6.401mm 6.0mm   0.7mm 4 5.893mm 6.0mm   0.9mm 5 5.385mm 5.0mm   1.2mm 6 4.877mm 5.0mm   1.5mm 7 4.470mm 5.0mm   2.0mm 8 4.064mm 4.0mm   2.5mm 9 3.658mm 4.0mm […]

Bend Tolerance Chart

Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Material Thickness Ideal V size Min length of fold Fold allowance for this V(~10%) Down 1 V size Min length of fold Fold allowance for this V(~18%) Down 2 V sizes Min length of fold Fold allowance for this V(~27%) Down 3 V sizes Min length of fold Fold allowance […]

Weld Symbols UK

Welding is one technique used in sheet metal fabrication with weld symbols being used to enable designers to communicate with coded welders etc., by placing welding information onto drawings. Welding Standards BS EN 22553 is the British standard for weld symbols which provides the rules for the symbolic representation of welded, brazed and soldered joints […]

Fabrication Materials List

List of Materials Used in Fabrication Many materials can be used in fabrication. Primarily though, a range of metals are used for projects across a number of sectors. Some of the materials which are used in metal fabrication are: • Mild Steel• Stainless Steel• Brass• Copper• Iron• Titanium• Galvanised Sheet• Zintec• Aluminium More exotic metals […]