Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision sheet metal fabrication is the process of forming sheet metal into a desired shape using a variety of different . What processes are involved within Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication? Design Stage The contractor and client work closely together to discuss the specification and desired quality of the project. This may be for a number […]

Laser Cutting vs Plasma Cutting

There is a lot of debate in the metal cutting industry about which method of sheet metal cutting is better, Laser Cutting or Plasma Cutting. Here we give a summary of each option’s benefits and an insight into how each technique works. Overview of Laser Cutting Laser cutting works by focusing an intense beam of […]

Is it Difficult to Weld Aluminium?

Welded Aluminium

Within welding, one process of sheet metal fabrication, aluminium is often referred to as one of the more difficult materials to work with. We discuss what makes aluminium difficult to weld and best practices for producing high quality finished parts. What Makes Welding Aluminium Difficult? Aluminium proves more challenging to weld than other alloys such […]

Types of Fabrication Techniques

The history of metal fabrication, alternatively known as metalworking, dates back to ancient times with the development of civilisation largely being down to the discovery and deformation of metals. To begin with these metals were used to build tools and weapons long before being used for the advancement of agriculture, transport and art. Today metal […]

How Has Lockdown Changed Customer Visits

What is the Future for Customer Visits? As we now begin to come out of the other side of lockdown, with some parts of the world opening up fully and returning to some form of normality, the UK seems to be on a similar trajectory as businesses re-open and people return to work. Where does […]

What is Sheet Metal Bending

The sheet metal bending process, which is also referred to as forming, folding, edging, flanging and die bending, is a process of deforming sheets (by putting a bend or fold into it). Essentially turning a flat piece of metal into a bent piece of metal, or a piece of metal which holds a different shape. […]

Virtual Factory Tour

Take a tour of ADS Laser Cutting where Co-Founder and Director, Duncan Keates, talks in depth about our setup and capabilities.

The Day After Tomorrow

Co-Founders and Directors, Duncan and Stephen Keates, speak about how ADS Laser Cutting adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic to be able to stay open, servicing existing and new enquiries throughout and how these adaptations may become the norm for businesses moving forward.

Is There Pent Up Demand in UK Manufacturing?

Phone being used

Coronavirus: China manufacturing economy bounces back strongly after lockdown China’s official manufacturing PMI in March was 52, back from an all time low in February and higher than forecasts – South China Morning Post 31/03/2020 So, we now see the first moves in Europe of relaxing restrictions in a controlled way. It is interesting that […]

After the Virus

After The Virus….. What Can You Do? Sometimes when you are head down in a crisis, it is almost impossible to think beyond it. Businesses must now strive to lift their heads up and look forward. Clive Woodward, the only England Rugby World Cup winning Coach, said in the heat of the game and under […]

Why is Stainless Steel Used in Clean Environments?

Stainless steel laser cut

Of the many materials which can be used in sheet metal fabrication, with clean environments such as those in the food and medical industries, why is stainless steel often the material of choice? What is Stainless Steel? Today, there are more than 3,500 kinds of steel – each which come with many different physical, chemical […]

Economic Impact of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus medical impact has been reported widely, but it is the Economic impact which is now challenging businesses worldwide. China’s economic growth is expected to slow to 4.5% in the first quarter of 2020, with this being the slowest pace since the financial crisis (according to Reuters poll of economists) The trade body for […]

How Does Laser Cutting Work?

How laser cutting works can be summarised as: A high intensity beam of infrared light being generated by a laser. The beam is focused onto the surface by different means dependent on the laser. A co2 Laser for example uses focusing lenses; where as a Fiber Laser delivers the beam through a fibre-optic cable. This […]