Spreadwise manufactures and supplies slurry-handling equipment since 1991 and is a founding member of the British Dairy Consortium.

Starting as a practical dairy farm and local contracting business for over two decades, Spreadwise has since moved into designing and manufacturing slurry handling equipment for many varied slurry and waste problems across the UK and Ireland.


Their Challenge

In 2020, Spreadwise was facing a major challenge: their agricultural machinery was in high demand, but their current metal fabricator couldn’t keep up. Lead times were long, and the quality of the work was subpar. This was putting a strain on Spreadwise’s business and preventing them from reaching their full potential. This eventually impacted the quality of Spreadwise’s agricultural machinery equipment and resulted in long lead times.

In an industry such as agricultural machinery, quality, lead times, and trust in the supply chain are essential factors and one that manufacturers cannot afford to be impacted.

“We were about to invest in new equipment to handle the complex metalwork ourselves,” said Matthew Faulkner, Director of Spreadwise. “But then we found ADS. Their expertise and efficiency blew us away. We haven’t even touched our new machines since we started working with them.


Our Solution

ADS stepped in with a refreshing approach. Our commitment to precision laser cutting, internal quality checks, and transparent communication was a breath of fresh air for Spreadwise.

“From the first conversation, it felt different,” Matthew explains. “Their understanding of our needs was spot-on. They quickly analysed our drawings and provided clear lead times, giving us the control we craved.”

Moreover, our internal processes and systems were designed for seamless integration with Spreadwise’s workflows. The clear communication of lead times and proactive updates ensured complete transparency throughout the fabrication process, allowing Spreadwise to optimise its own production planning and inventory management. This newfound control empowered them to focus on their core strengths–innovation and design–while leaving the intricate metalwork to the experts at ADS.

Beyond a mere supplier, ADS became a true partner. Their collaboration unlocked:

  • Rapid design innovation: Pushing boundaries with our expertise and unwavering quality.
  • Continuous process optimisation: our technical insights fueled efficiency and cost reductions.
  • Shift from uncertainty to excellence: A trusting partnership built on transparency and shared goals.


The Results

The impact was immediate. With ADS handling the metalwork, Spreadwise saw a dramatic reduction in lead times, from 12 weeks to a remarkable 6 weeks. The quality leapfrogged as well. No more rough edges or inconsistent materials – ADS delivered sharp, clean cuts and high-grade steel, elevating the entire look and feel of Spreadwise’s equipment.

But the benefits went beyond just aesthetics. “The improved quality meant less rework and waste,” Matthew continues. “This, combined with the faster turnaround times, freed up resources and allowed us to focus on what we do best – designing and building exceptional machinery.”

With newfound confidence in their supply chain, Spreadwise’s innovation engine roared to life. “We started developing new, more complex designs,” Matthew says. “And ADS was right there with us, helping us navigate the technical challenges and ensuring feasibility.”

This collaborative spirit fostered a deep trust between the two companies. As Spreadwise’s needs evolved, ADS adapted and scaled, always exceeding expectations. “They’re not just our metal fabricator,” Matthew concludes. “They’re a true partner in our success.”

January 2023


Spreadwise’s story is a testament to the power of finding the right partner. When quality, efficiency, and innovation collide, the possibilities are endless.

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