As the premier metal laser cutting, folding, fabrication and metal finishers we have managed to remain open during the peak of the Covid pandemic, with our order book now being back to pre-lockdown levels.

Starting off with 2 employees in 2005, the business has grown year on year to 66 employees by 2019. The start of 2020 brought a million-pound investment in the latest laser cutting technology, a new marketing campaign and the launch of our new website – then a global pandemic hit and everything changed overnight.


Adapting to a New Way of Working

Reacting quickly to stay open to maintain our customers’ supply chain, we adapted our way of working to incorporate social distancing and the ability to work from home.

Co-Founder and Director, Duncan Keates, said “We looked at our current ways of working and how we could adapt some rules to allow for working from home, which was a big change for our company. We managed to implement changes which would normally take months in a matter of a week. Our team were great, making the transition as smooth as possible and adapting well”.

“We witnessed a number of customers temporarily close, whilst demand went up for others. In the medical sector, for example, we manufactured components which would go in the Nightingale hospital and ventilator parts, and given the situation offered our express service free of charge to ensure these parts were received as quickly as possible” Duncan said.



Identifying Opportunities

As sectors which would typically thrive made a sharp decline through restrictions put forward due to the pandemic, we continued to invest in marketing throughout the lockdown and by identifying opportunities in new sectors, while consistently highlighting the fact we remained open and operational, managed to keep busy during this incredibly tough period.

“By continuing to invest in marketing during this period, we Identified opportunities in new sectors which have proven to be successful. We are now operating at pre-lockdown levels and are continuing to see brand new enquiries coming in from sectors we have not previously operated in,” Co-Founder and Director, Stephen Keates, said.

“I feel that reacting the way we did, altering our way of working across the whole company and with our team taking to the changes so well, kept ADS not only from closing our doors but busy throughout and currently thriving,” Stephen said.


ADS Laser Cutting is the Premier Metal Laser Cutting, Folding, Fabrication, Finishing and Assembly in the UK. Providing Bespoke to Volume Solutions.

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