Antone create, design, manufacture and install products for a wide range of commercial businesses. They selected us here at ADS Laser Cutting, to create a fragrance display for the well-known brand Lancôme, in Debenhams, Westfield.


What was the display designed for?

This was designed as a fragrance display for Lancôme in Debenhams, Westfield. Ensuring it stood out to attract customers to the stand.


What does the design incorporate?

The design incorporates new textures and fabrics along with lighting methods that showcase the iconic brand. The illuminated Paris scene provides the backdrop to an eye-catching fragrance display. We were challenged to laser cut, fold and powder coat a series of parts.


What materials were used?

The materials used were laser cut from 2mm mild steel. The actual design was created as a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawing, which allows it to be transferred to the laser cutting machine, they were then cut on the fibre laser.


What were the challenges?

To allow the panel to be backlit and have the desired effect, the challenge was to ensure that each small hole was cut. Ensuring that every cut-out was programmed correctly and the holes were sufficiently spaced to ensure they didn’t merge.

We had to be careful not to move the sheet once the laser had commenced cutting, this is because it works from a single datum point to locate where to cut each hole. If the sheet were to move, the holes would be cut in the wrong place. The panel was laser cut on our fibre laser machine as it has the latest technology.

When the job was complete, great care had to be taken to ensure it did not break or bend when removing it from the cutting bed, as it was extremely fragile.


Was the customer happy with the end product?

Pleased with the end product, the customer stated: “Thanks to you and the team for a job well done! It looks great.”



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