ADS Laser has just been awarded the Sapphire Gold award. This is an accolade presented by Sapphire Balconies – specialists at the forefront of providing and installing rigid balconies for high-rise projects, residential balconies and more – to their most reliable and trustworthy suppliers. ‘Gold’ suppliers receive a reduced level of inspections by Sapphire inspectors.

ADS initially started off on the ‘Bronze’ level, which involves all inspections being conducted by Sapphire Balconies.

After a consistent run of good inspections in 5 consecutive visits, our status was then elevated to ‘Silver’. This stage involves checks carried out by Sapphire inspectors on a fortnightly basis, we then self-certify all other balconies dispatched in-house. ADS was presented with this award in February 2020.

Once again, after a reliable run of good inspections over a 10-week period, our status was then elevated to ‘Gold’ whereby inspections by Sapphire are only carried out once every 3 weeks. ADS were awarded this in January 2022, as there was a slight delay in obtaining this earlier due to the pandemic.

For ADS to be given the paramount level of this award in such a short time, we had to consistently produce good quality and reliable products.

In Addition to this, if there was a break in production for more than 5 weeks suppliers revert back to ‘Bronze’ status, this shows ADS has not broken this production break even when moving to our larger Fox site. This level of quality is replicated amongst all of the products we produce across the business.

Currently, Sapphire has only awarded two other Gold Awards.