Back in June 2023, ADS Co-Founder Angela Keates agreed to embark on an incredible journey to raise funds for LOROS Hospice. The initiative was organised by friend Samantha Spillane of SJ Events who wanted to mark her 50th by raising funds for this incredible charity. Sam managed to put together a team of 14 determined fundraisers to take the leap for charity.

About LOROS Hospice: the charity provides free, high-quality, compassionate care and support to terminally ill adult patients, their families and carers across Leicestershire and Rutland.


Angie’s Fearless Leap

On Saturday 30th September, Angie took the leap from thousands of feet above the ground. It was a moment of pure adrenaline, courage, and determination. The thrill of freefalling was an experience she’ll cherish forever, and it was all in the name of charity.


The Fundraiser Continues

Now, here’s the exciting part: the fundraiser is still open! Every single pound counts, and we’re committed to maximising the impact of your generosity. ADS Laser Cutting has pledged to match each pound you contribute, doubling the effect of your donation.

LOROS Hospice does remarkable work, providing vital care and support to individuals and families during some of the most challenging times in their lives. By donating, you’re not only celebrating the fundraising team’s incredible achievement but also making a real difference in the lives of those who rely on the services provided by LOROS.

Donating is easy. Just visit Angie’s fundraiser page and make your contribution today. It’s a simple act that can have a profound impact.


Let’s Finish Strong

As the days pass, the deadline to donate is approaching. We urge you to take this opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Together, we can make this fundraising skydive a lasting legacy of bravery and support for LOROS Hospice.

Thank you for your support, and let’s finish strong!