At ADS Laser we are proud to be at the cutting edge of the industry and are often asked by our customers to assist with unusual or irregular projects. In 2014 we were approached by building and construction firm Ellis and Hughes who wanted help creating a bespoke roof for a client of theirs – and we were only too happy to help!

A copper roof was added to this private property in Leicester

Copper Roof – Case Study

We were tasked to laser cut 6000 plates in 0.7 mm copper in order to create a bespoke roof for a private residence in Leicester. We considered two forms of cutting for this project; fiber cutting and water jet. After some initial testing and cost working we decided that fibre cutting would be the most economical process for the customer and set about delivering the required sizes.

Once the copper was cut it was then moulded onto traditional slate roof tiles and added to the roof of the property. The roof itself was an unconventional shape which meant each plate had to be cut to exact specification to allow it to be folded around every angle of the building.

Due to the use of copper it could be shaped to the exact specification of the roof

So Why Copper?

Copper is an unusual material to be used for a roof on a house, primarily due to the additional costs incurred, but it does have several advantages over traditional roofing types, such as:

Extremely long life span – potentially up to 200 years!
There is no need for a ventilated cavity underneath
Can be folded around complex junctions and flashings
Able to accommodate low roof pitches

The owner of the property wanted to use copper due to the aesthetic appeal that it offers and the unusual colour it gives – each piece can look slightly different depending on the weather conditions at the time! The colour of the roof will also change over the course of its lifetime meaning that in years to come the property will have a completely different look and feel.