Modular building manufacturers are facing various challenges that affect their productivity and profitability.

One of the most significant issues is producing bespoke building designs that require unique components, which can increase production time and costs. This can also lead to inconsistencies in the final product, making it difficult to ensure consistent quality.

Sourcing sustainable and locally produced components can be a challenge, as it requires careful planning and coordination. Furthermore, training employees to become experts in the production process can be time-consuming and expensive.

By using a factory-controlled environment to construct modular units, manufacturers can save time and money while ensuring consistent quality.

In this blog post, we will explore how modular building manufacturers can benefit from using external metalworking companies to overcome production challenges.


1. Repetitive production

Repetitive production and the use of the same components are essential to the offsite construction manufacturing process.

With modular buildings, manufacturers are often commissioned to produce the same components repeatedly. By working with a skilled metal fabrication company, manufacturers can reduce the time and costs associated with producing bespoke designs.

The right metal fabrication company will also ensure that the components are produced to a consistent standard, improving the quality of the final product.

The pictures to the right are an example of the cassette balconies we have been continuously producing as part of our long-term partnership with Sapphire Balconies.

These are identical glide-on balconies, which are rapidly replacing traditional steel bolt-on balconies, that we laser cut, fold, fabricate, finish and assemble on our site in Leicester and are then delivered and craned into place on-site.



2. Sustainable and local

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important consideration for modular building manufacturers.

Using sustainable and locally sourced and produced components is not only environmentally friendly but can also be cost-effective.

By working with an external metal fabricator that is a specialist in doing what they do efficiently and sustainably and sources materials locally, manufacturers can reduce production costs, while also supporting the UK’s local economy.

In addition, using sustainable materials can help modular building manufacturers meet environmental regulations and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.


3. Repeated processes

Using the same processes repeatedly can help modular building manufacturers reduce the risk of errors and increase efficiency.

By using an external metal fabricator that has standardised processes in place and offers training for your employees, manufacturers can ensure their staff are familiar with processes and become experts in their field, further improving the quality of the final product.

This familiarity with the process can also help modular building manufacturers identify areas where they can make improvements, such as reducing waste or improving efficiency.

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4. Quality and flexibility

By working with an external metal fabricator, manufacturers can ensure consistent quality and efficient construction.

This is because the right metalworking company will have staff and processes in place to ensure that the quality of each modular building produced is to the standard required by the manufacturer.

Equally, working with an external company will allow modular building manufacturers to focus on their core strengths and give them the ability to be flexible and make alterations in line with specification changes. This allows manufacturers to respond quickly to changes in the market or in customer requirements.


5. Environment

Environmental issues need to be considered in offsite construction. By using sustainable materials and reducing waste, manufacturers can reduce their carbon footprint and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Using environmentally conscious and sustainable external metalworking companies can help modular building manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint, meet environmental regulations, and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.



In conclusion, modular building manufacturers can benefit from using external metalworking companies to overcome production challenges for many reasons. Metal fabricators offer expertise in sourcing sustainable materials, producing bespoke designs, and training employees, allowing manufacturers to focus on their core competencies.

At ADS Laser Cutting, the Premier Metal Laser Cutting, Folding, Fabrication, Finishing and Assembly based in the UK, we work closely with local suppliers to source the best quality materials and ensure that we can offer our customers the highest quality products while also supporting the UK’s sustainable and environmentally conscious goals.

If you are a modular building manufacturer, we want to hear from you. We have experience serving the offsite construction manufacturing sector and are here to support you.

Equally, we have a close and long-term partnership with Sapphire Balconies to make and assemble balcony components for some of their most iconic projects over more than a decade.

In addition, we are continuously awarded projects involving the production of utility cupboards, steel components used within outdoor garden buildings and the design and fabrication of modular buildings used to replace buildings within the rail and defence sector.

Whether your current metal fabrication suppliers are falling short compared to the increasing demand for your products, or you are looking to widen your range of suppliers for your manufactured modular buildings — we want to help.

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